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Nov 2, 2012 7:00am PDT
property is supported by governor brown and used his appearance for the commonwealth club in san francisco yesterday for that temporary tax increase. >> money into schools and colleges into the california dream are out. and are out, yes are no, on our off there is no middle way. >> most of the audience in to support prop 30 but is by no means a sure thing. the current poll shows that support has dropped over time. there is still a chance property could pass the competing measures prop. 38 and that is in big trouble. the poll finds that 34 percent support that proposition and 49 percent oppose it 17 percent are undecided. we're down to just a few days before a decision 2012 and the big election. we'll have nonstop coverage starting tuesday at 8:00 p.m. until after the polls close. we'll have the results in the reactions here on kron4. you can also check our web site and facebook and twitter pages. >> whereby to take a break, a live look outside from our south bay camera. this is the san jose camera the 1 01 and 87 interchange and traffic is still moving this and 87 interchange and traff[ ma
Oct 30, 2012 7:00am PDT
now but the traffic on 880 south mile is still pretty heavy. the toll plaza west brown has traffic easing for the 880 approach. it is still 18 minutes for 80. the golden gate bridge is just a little past the peak and the south bound traffic is still sluggish. >> now to our big story in the bay. a guilty verdict was passed down to the young mother who killed her friend michelle. they found as the bond guilty of first-degree murder. so now as the bonn faces a term of 25 years life in prison. she will be sentenced on december the 10th. >> this will prohibits him from overseeing any domestic violence programs. they announced this plan on monday and it will prohibit helm or any other official overseeing any programs if they have been convicted of the same crihere is the most prominent executive to leave and he was also behind the map south wsoftware. they stated that he would not sign a letter of apology is and this may be why they let him go. he stated that the customer should just use a another app while working out but this was not good and this is the reason why he was out the door
Nov 1, 2012 7:00am PDT
before the commute is over. at the bay bridge west brown predicted size backup right to west grant avenue at the edge of the car the maze. for your ride to the golden gate bridge steady in slow traffic here both on the stand and through marin on 101 south bound. >> it looks like we they have seen the end of the storm that blew through here overnight. let us go to our sole reporter jackie sissel is out at the richmond san rafael bridge. >> i am looking at mount tam you can see a little blue sky in the background it started to clear up. over in the north bay. i met the richmond san rafael bridge. if i turn the cam to downtown san francisco you concede that downtown san francisco is covered in clouds and fog a much different thing that we saw last night especially in the north bay. all of rowntree time start to see the rain come down and was steady of nylon. we start to seize records about an hour or an half an hour ago. >> jackie was on about the clouds is starting to dry up around the bay area. satellite and radar showed a wider view. a lot of that system is continuing to push its way sout
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3